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Sex Scholar who will make you think. I bring science to erotic “woo-woo” so you can feel healthier in your sexuality → (they/she)
Photo by Andrea Davis.

I have two fetishes that I love to indulge in. Vampires and serial killers. Which, arguably, can be the same thing. Albeit one is a little more fantastical.

I remember the first time I saw Dexter, the Showtime series about a serial killer who only murders the bad guys. I…

Photo by Polina Zimmerman.

Ever feel like you’re masturbating on auto-pilot?

It’s been decades since I discovered that a helping hand feels good on my southern regions. With years to perfect self-pleasure, there are times when I masturbate without much thought. …

Photo by Bruno van der Kraan.

Tribadism, or dry humping, is one of the first sex acts that humans gravitate towards as kids. Providing our younger selves with the first delicious taste of sexual stimulation. I know of many people who began their sexual journey by practicing tribadism with a pillow or stuffed animal. …

Neuroscientists have discovered that our brain needs to experience pleasure in order to function properly. Without pleasure, we stop processing emotions effectively which can affect our core, life experience.

Enter erotic wellness, a kitschy phrase that actually has some powerful methodology. Learning how to bring sensuality in your self-care routines…

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio.

Do you feel permission to enjoy the pleasure you experience?

One way I help myself navigate a culture that profits off of sexual shame is by stuffing my brain with science that explains why sex keeps us healthy.

Just like the urge to eat food, we feel normal urges to…

Photo by cottonbro.

“Poof-gina” is the opposite of Cardi & Megan’s hit single WAP.

When I want penetration, but I’m not getting wet, I turn to lube; but I have a problem with this formula. There are times when I just won’t stay wet, and despite using lube, I still dry up before…

Photo by cottonbro.

Sexual fantasies — even the extreme ones — are healthy. In fact, they provide key insights into our personality, relationships, and overall wellbeing.

According to Dr. Michael J. Bader, it can be cathartic to explore fantasies in the safety of your brain, especially if you fear that your desires are…

Photo by KoolShooters.

When you achieve happiness as a single person, you can be more fulfilled in your relationships and lifestyle.

Studies found that when humans intentionally create alone time for themselves, they can decrease feelings of loneliness and experience higher life satisfaction.

Not only that, but research also explains that when we…

Photo by Jacob Lund.

What is the strangest thing you’ve heard about sex?

The internet is a big place, and rumors about human sexuality run wild. While many sex “facts” are bias or inaccurate, some are true and kind of wacky.

As a sex scholar, I have the joy of running across sexy, new…

Photo by Gantas Vaičiulėnas.

One of the most common introductions to sex, if you have a vulva (vagina), is that your first time will hurt and you should “just take it” because sex will feel good eventually.

In this myth, we are introduced to sex with the assumption that it should not feel pleasurable…


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