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Sex Scholar who will make you think. I bring science to erotic “woo-woo” so you can feel healthier in your sexuality → (they/she)

Vetted by scholars at Yale and Harvard.

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Ironically, 99% of all humans have had sex this way regardless of their sexual orientation.

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Regardless of one’s gender identity, tribadism can be a satisfying and empowering sex act.

Casual sex is not a “situation” we settle for.

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You are the first person who will stand up for yourself, a good lover is the second.

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Casual sex should not occur at the expense of our feelings.

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How would you have sex if no one told you about penetration?

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  • There are over 11 medical reasons why penetrative sex can hurt if you have a vulva (vagina). 9 out of those 11 are triggered by penetration.
  • Only 30% of people with a vulva can orgasm from penetration. By the way, this is the generous statistic.
  • Historically, people in power have had a penis. As a result, the script for sexual pleasure revolves around the penis. This is why most of us were taught to beleive that the g-spot orgasm is “superior” to other orgasms. …

Beauty has little to do with self-worth.

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Weeks later, I understand that sexual assault can happen at any age.

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Do you think you’re kinky + wonder how to include BDSM safely as you date?

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This class covers:

  • BDSM Dating Tips
  • Where To Find Kinky Dating Partners
  • How to…

4 systems to put in place before you swipe right.

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