Sex Scholar who will make you think. I bring science to erotic “woo-woo” so you can feel healthier in your sexuality → (they/she)
Photo by fizkes. Image licensed by Canva.

Quarantine had just begun, and I clung to the two-week deadline with certainty. Surely, an entire civilization couldn’t remain closed for more than 14 days?

As weeks stumbled into months, I searched the internet for positive ways to work on myself. I figured this was the best distraction from uncertainty.

Photo by Bruno van der Kraan.

Tribadism, or dry humping, is one of the first sex acts that humans gravitate towards as kids. Providing our younger selves with the first delicious taste of sexual stimulation. I know of many people who began their sexual journey by practicing tribadism with a pillow or stuffed animal. …

Photo by filadendron. Image licensed by Canva.

When I was 22 my two best friends fell in love.

C stumbled upon her future wife at a holiday party.

M bumped into her future husband at an insurance agency.

Each couple was like a magnet in their community. See, my two best friends come from deep and different…


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