It’s Quarantine 2020 & Your Dog is Living Their Best Life

You are home 25/7 and Fighto couldn’t be happier.

Nadège, sex scholar
5 min readApr 2, 2020


Loyal doggo, enjoying a relaxing nap because their owner ain’t leaving anytime soon. Photo by Magdalena Smolnicka.

It is hard to see the bright light at the end of this tunnel. So many avenues of our survival are being threatened by COVID-19. Health, finances, and even something so simple as going to a friend’s house is temporarily off-limits.

While most humans are worried about our surreal reality, dogs are in absolute bliss.

Gone are the days of waiting by the front door for you to come home.

Fur babies everywhere are rejoicing as they watch their owners scuddle from the bedroom to the kitchen. Wagging tails sway in anticipation as they play their favorite game of all time…what is my human going to do next?

You know this game, the one where you make an unexpected move — a quick rise from the couch or a grab of the keys — and your four-legged friend raises those ears in an earnest alarm.

Two eyes with a love deeper than any ocean follow you around the room. As that adorable muzzle deciphers if it’s time for a walk…or if their precious human is leaving.

…but wait, we humans have nowhere to go.

And our fur babies are starting to take notice. Muzzles that used to pout when shoes were pulled out of the closet are daring to wear giddy grins as pajamas replace slacks. They have no idea who to thank for all this good luck, but dogs aren’t wasting a second on that.

Instead, our loyal companions are doing what they do best: living blissfully in the moment. Dogs have no idea when their human’s routine will go back to normal. It could be two weeks, it could be two months — sound familiar?

Perhaps, in this dark hour, we can take a leaf out of their furry handbook.

If you are lucky enough to be graced with a dog’s presence, receive all the love your fur baby is dying to give you.

Like toilet paper, affection seems to be in a short supply these days. Despite all the video chats and virtual dance parties zooming across the globe, social isolation…



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